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Okita Mitsuba hails from an anime that parodies a lot of pop culture, anime, and current events that are going on in Japan as the series is written.

Please, please, please go ahead and fill this form out and reply - I want everyone to have fun, so it's best to nip any confusion in the bud!

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Warnings: Gintama humor, terminal illness mentions, puke, blood.
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OOC Information
Name: JAS
Journal: [personal profile] regdichab
Player Contact: [ profile] regdichab

IC Information
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 28
History: Mitsuba Okita on the wiki

Personality: In the words of Isao Kondo, Mitsuba Okita is a woman who stands out simply by being herself - a woman who is pretty, polite, and bright. While she quickly dismisses Kondo’s claim with a laugh as simple ‘flattery’ - there is truth with Kondo’s allegation. Mitsuba is a woman who embodies and embraces femininity while also continuing to be a strong paragon of her household. She is a domestic woman who deeply cares for her little brother and her precious friends - though she also embodies a few rather impish qualities that proves her relationship to her younger brother, Sougo. While this mischievous streak is carefully stitched into her personality so as to remain passive, it briefly shines through as testament to the variety within her character.

Mitsuba is a character who embodies the Japanese trope of “Yamato Nadeshiko” a term which literally means “Traditional Japanese wildflower.” The term itself embodies the spirit of the idealize Japanese woman, or one who could be considered the epitome of feminine beauty and strength.

Her way of presenting herself and speaking is all tied back to a very traditional sense of femininity - which is to say that man of her actions are typically passive. When speaking with others, especially as she offers an idea - she will break eye contact or even cover her mouth as she speaks. She often ends her sentences with things like, “isn’t it?” or “you know?” in order to soften any verbal blow that she may be dealing. In this vein, she is not a combative person and is content to do so.

Despite her passive way of communicating, she does not display any fear of sharing her opinions. She often will be upfront when talking about Sougo - as seen when she talks to Gintoki and insinuates that she’s known that Gintoki and Sougo are not actually friends. She is also not afraid to admit her shortcomings, such as her tendency to spoil Sougo or how she believed she was unsuited for marriage due to a combination of being an ‘old woman’ and being so ill.

In other words, she displays strength even behind her more passive ways of communicating. She is not a woman who has been forced into complacency, and instead feels comfortable enough to share her thoughts with other around her - whether they be men or women.

Mitsuba is also known for her kind nature. She often smiles and laughs when talking to others, and has a great deal of patience. Often times, she will humor others in conversation, even when jokes or quips may lean on the more obscene side of the spectrum. For the most part, she takes others in stride and just genuinely loves to converse with them.

Mitsuba is also a woman of great responsibility. She took on the task of raising Sougo at a young age, and was quick to devote all of her energy to make sure that he had the best upbringing he could. In doing this, she is well aware that she overindulged him and often neglected her own health and needs - not that she regrets either as they were all integral parts of Sougo becoming the man he is.

While Mitsuba embodies a demure soul, it’s up for debate on just how ‘pure’ she really is. Upon first glance, many people remark that she seems to be the exact opposite of Sougo. Whereas Sougo is obstinate and sadistic, she gives off the air of being supportive and gentle with those around her. Though upon closer look, it does appear that Mitsuba also houses a bit of this darker streak. From pouring a full bottle of tobasco sauce into Gintoki’s parfait and manipulating him to eat it to her antics of peeking at Yamazaki once finding him hiding out under her bed - Mitsuba is not simply a stuffy, traditional woman, but in fact has a much deeper tone to her character. Some aspects of being ‘childish’ still manifest in her actions from the way she speaks in a sing-song sort of manner to “ignoring” her little brother’s penchant for ridiculous violence - it is clear that Mitsuba still has an Okita-brand mischievous streak running within her veins.

Though even in all of her strength and energy, there is yet another aspect of Mitsuba’s character. She was left behind by Sougo, Hijikata, and Kondo as they left for Edo to become the Shinsengumi - despite having wanted to go with them and stay by Toshirou’s side. Her wishes were ultimately rejected, though she continued to keep her head held high so as to not to cause any of those men to second-guess their decision.

She respects their decision to leave and looks back upon it not with sadness and regret, but with happiness. Though even in being able to pull positives from that situation, it is still evident that Mitsuba suffers from loneliness. In the hospital, she is desperate to continue talking to Gintoki and mentions that she just wants to keep talking to someone for a change just before her condition worsens - offering a glimpse into a woman who just wants to reach out and connect with people.

During her time alone, she also noticed that Sougo worried about her a great deal - and so she began to take strides in ensuring that she would be ‘happy’ so that her little brother would no longer have to worry about her - so as not to be a burden to him. Through these actions, she proves that she possesses a strong will beneath her rather demure first impression and she finds great strength in sticking to a positive outlook even in spite of grave circumstances such as her illness and being left behind.

Character Relationships

Sougo Okita is her precious younger brother and a man she admires deeply. She admits to spoiling him rotten at a young age and often worries about his well-being, as she wants him to grow to be healthy and happy. She often put her own needs aside to insure that she could give Sougo whatever it was that he needed. Their sibling relationship is overwhelmingly positive, and in the end she is proud of the man that he grew to become.

Toshirou Hijikata and Mitsuba Okita share a rather rooted history. Upon meeting Toshirou, she quickly grew feelings for him and enjoyed his presence. She would often join him in jokes, and also shared another important similarity - just as he piled mayonnaise onto his food, she piled chili powder. From the looks of it, it would seem like these two were peas in a pod - though as the time came of Hijikata to leave for Edo, he rejected her wish for her to accompany him. She took the rejection in stride, and according to Sougo she never stopped loving Hijikata and always waited for him to come home, despite how cold he was to her. She seems to have understand Hijikata’s reasonings for distancing himself and respects his wishes - though it is seen a few times that she still wishes to check in on him and see how he is doing.

Isao Kondo is another old friend of Mitsuba’s. He was Sougo’s first friend and she credits him with helping get Sougo on a better path. Before Kondo, Mitsuba had often worried about Sougo’s loner-esque tendencies - but once Sougo was involved with Kondo he began to show great strides towards improvement. She also befriended Kondo and admired just how kind the man was. The two of them get along very well and are able to converse comfortable - with Kondo being animated and Mitsuba giggling through his antics.

Powers/Abilities: Among super-human abilities for Mitsuba, good options to consider are: the patience of a saint and the ability to eat spicy foods of the unholy variety. Beyond that she is just a frail, little lady.

☙ Tobasco sauce/Spice Rice Crackers
☙ Dragonflies
☙ Pictures featuring a young Sougo (and a young Kondo + Hijikata)
☙ Pale green kimono with flowers printed on it
☙ Young Sougo's kendo stick
☙ Flowers, trees, miscellaneous greenery
☙ Any facade reminiscent of a traditional, Japanese home in the countryside.


Waking up this time around is not marked by its typical, smooth transition from darkness to light. There is no gentle, mechanical action that markedly pulls Mitsuba from unconsciousness to consciousness this time around. There is no shifting to grow more comfortable in her bed, as she simply doesn't have the energy to follow through on such a normal action.

Instead, she lays motionless as her lids slide open.

Instead, she is met with a waking blur of color and light. Shapes and shadows that blend with one another – and yet she doesn't have the energy to blink it all away. Doesn't even have the energy to have any deep thoughts behind the happening, beyond the stray, conscious thought of “oh, how strange.”

Nor does she really comprehend how long she laid like that, or how long she had not been alone.

“Sis... I'm sorry.”

A familiar voice fills her ears. A tone that was soft, hushed – as if the words it spoke were in peril of breaking if shared too loudly. It's a sound the envelops her ears and brings a ghost of a smile to her face.

Though she can't will her lids open any more than they already were, her body far too lethargic even as the sound of another person stirred her soul.

“I'm... a good for nothing brother.”

And now she understands the words. An apology of sorts that causes her heart to twist. She waits. Waits for her strength to muster so that she can answer that lament.

She needs to open her eyes. She needs to shift. She needs to reach out.

But that all must come one at at time. One feeble little step at a time. She could manage that.

Mitsuba takes in a shallow breath, one that tightens her lungs as if it threatened to crush them – and yet she stays calm. Continues.

One little step.

The blurs begin to subside and her eyes are finally open. A ceiling she doesn't recognize sits overhead. The room is full of colors standard for a hospital... though this was not the room she had been in last she remembered.

Ah, yes, it had all gotten worse, hadn't it? And what a shame, really. In the past day or so, she had laughed more than she had in such a long time.

And to see Sou-chan so happy. To see him scrambling to do his best for her--

How could he be a good-for-nothing when his soul showed in such actions?

“In the end, I'm the one who robbed you of your happiness.”

Which she can finally focus on his form, he's knelt down and his eyes have closed. Despair has etched itself into his features Sougo's face twists.

As if he were fighting back tears.

It had been such a long time since she had seen that.

”I'm sorry. Sorry-”

His voice trails and she reaches up as if to catch it. It's a movement she doesn't think about.

Funny how the body could do things better if you just didn't think about what you could and could not manage. The ghost of a smile has become much more present on her face, a look of serenity passing over her features as she feels her brother's warmth under her finger tips.

He gasps and turns to look to her.

“Sou-chan, it's okay,” her voice slips out, and Mitsuba herself is pleasantly surprised.


It appears, in the end, this wouldn't have to be a fight after all.

Yes, that's right... She's certainly fortuitous, despite it all. That, that should be enough to keep her dear brother afloat. To allow him to continue – just as he always had...

“You've worked so hard.”

Yes, this was good.

“You've grown,” and she has to pause for a breath before she can continue, can start over with that thought (just a little hitch... that's all it was), “grown up into such a great man. You've gotten so strong.”

And of course he attempts to refute such a thing. He'd always been petulant, hadn't he? It was only fair that even she would get a taste of his stubbornness in the end. It forces that smile wider as it reaches her eyes.

“You mustn't look back.”

And she can still see it. She can see his little form as they begin their journey, as he peers over his shoulder one last time before he, before all of them embarked on their path towards the future.

Before they would all look forward and never once look back.

“You're the one who decided, right? Back then, it was the path you chose. So you mustn't apologize. And you mustn't cry.”

Because that is what had to be done - that was the way her dear brother would meet his potential. He had advanced so far without her by not looking back. So when it came to the end...

“You never looked back. You just looked straight ahead and kept walking.”

When it came to the end, she wouldn't want to be the one to hold him back. To make him regress when he had made it so far. When he had done something that filled her with such happiness.

“I loved looking at your backs as you walked away. You were all gruff, impudent, and clumsy. Yet you were all so kind, and I loved you for that.”

Yes, even though she was left behind – she found herself looking upon those memories not with a hole in her heart, but with comfort. Even in her loneliness, she sought solace in the way those men lived their lives and could smile knowing that they were living out to their true potential -

Living out to be the samurai they had meant to be.

Yes, that was such a lovely thought...

“That's why I was so very happy,” her words becomes slowed – and her vision is beginning to grow grey around the edges. Not that she pays it any mind. Her focus was solely on her beloved little brother, “To have been able to meet wonderful people like you.”

All that worrying about her happiness. About having the happiness that a normal person could have. Poor Sou-chan had fretted over something she thought she had missed out on so long ago.

And now, in this moment – it.

It seems so silly.

She was happy.

She was so very happy, and it only causes her chest to tighten more. Her hand on the other's face begins to slip, though she doesn't notice. She can't feel the slide of her hand as her body weakens.

“To have had a wonderful little brother like you.”

That was all she needed. This was all she needed.

There was nothing about this life that held her down, in the end – because the most precious thing to come from her life was right here. Sitting with her. Watching her even as she chatted his ear off in the end.


Yes, this was more than enough.

“You are the-”

She had her happiness.

“-the brother I am so very proud of.”

She had never needed to find it.

Her eyes lose their focus as her vision swims in a brilliance of hues. Of chestnut brown and maroon. Swirls together like the reflection of an autumn day in a cup of tea.

The swell in her chest ebbs away, taking her last breath along with it.

Mindset: Upon waking up, Mitsuba will be a little disoriented. Her death came as no surprise and was something she had learned to accept, so to wake up in an unfamiliar place would be a rather curious happenstance. Always the optimist, she will attempt to make the most of a bad situation and attempt to hold out her hand in friendship so that she may help soothe other souls who may not be adjusting to this place quite as well.

G̶̶l̨͡i̵͢t̷c͝͠h̕é͠s̷̷͡: In canon, Mitsuba was rather accepting towards the fact that her illness had taken much away from her in terms of living a 'normal' life. She is a woman with no regrets in that vein, nor does she lament over her illness - instead she strives to make the most out of her life while having it. That being said, she will stubbornly continue through any glitches dealing with her tuberculosis. Hospital imagery would be something that would unsettle her at her core - as she is not fond of being unable to move past her illness, though she would attempt to ignore the feelings it would cause.

Tragedy befalling her precious younger brother or her dear friends are immensely more effective. She is a woman who cherishes those connections and wants only the best for them. Glitches that exposed or warped her feelings for any of them would weigh on her once the glitch had passed.

Effective themes within her glitches could involve loneliness, warped emotions/attachments, medical horror, dragonflies, or mouth/lung-centric glitches.


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